1st African Philanthropy Conference

The State Of African Philanthropy: Despite decreased commodity prices, sub-Saharan Africa’s overall gross domestic product (GDP) increased by 3% in 2016, which is twice the rate of the United States (US). Meanwhile, the World Wealth Report 2018 estimated that the size of high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs) in Africa reached 167,970 with a combined wealth of US$1, 7 trillion. The size of the African HNWI population increased by 6.9% compared to 2, 1% growth in the Middle East and 9.9% in Europe. Moreover, HNWI wealth increased by 10,3% in Africa compared to 2,9% in the Middle East, 7,8% in Europe, 8,8% in Latin America and 10.3% in North America. This growth trend, which Africa has seen since 2008, makes for interesting reading and has wide implications for philanthropy.

2nd African Philanthropy Conference

Fusing The Philanthropic And COVID-19 Contexts: The COVID-19 pandemic has tainted our world. Life, as we knew it, has changed; work models have shifted; economies have shrunk; livelihoods have dwindled; and many Africans have lost their lives. There has also been a regression in gender equality. “Women and girls have borne the brunt of the socio economic fallout of the pandemic, women and girls have been placed at greater risk of COVID-19 transmission, loss of livelihood, exploitation, and gen- der-based violence,” explained Tsitsi Masiyiwa, Executive Chair and Co-founder, Higherlife Foundation.

3rd African Philanthropy Conference

Systems Change And The New Normal In African Philanthropy: The 3rd African Philanthropy Conference was hosted with the objective of addressing system changes that are required in philanthropy in the new normal-especially as these changes relate to the continent’s institutions, policies and practices.

4th African Philanthropy Conference

Philanthropy at an Inflection Point: In economics, an inflection point can be considered as a dramatic, drastic, and systemic event leading to synchronised economic decline. Typically, a real-life inflection point requires ingenuity and innovative thinking to cope, transform, or respond. The diverse responses to the global and regional crises illustrated several inflection points with real and long-lasting impacts on society. Considering the strides that philanthropy has made in providing and enabling solutions to crises, the sector is at an inflection point with a real task to respond, cope and shape or influence the future.

5th African Philanthropy Conference

Next Frontiers of African Philanthropy: The 5th African Philanthropy Conference will be convened under the theme of “Next Frontiers of African Philanthropy”. We will explore how recent developments in Artificial Intelligence, Climate Change, Big Data and others are poised to influence and be influenced by philanthropy.

Tracing the Impact

Over the years, the African Philanthropy Conference has provided a platform for stakeholders of the sector to strengthen networks and support research that will accelerate the understanding of the practices that aid the maturity of the fields of African philanthropy and social investment.

As the journey into the future continues, the conference will be charged with the responsibility of unravelling the issues that lie within the annual themes and devise the way forward for philanthropy.

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Systems Change and The New Normal in African Philanthropy

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African Philanthropy at an Inflection Point: People, Power, Policy and Practices

2024 Concept Note

Next Frontiers of African Philanthropy