2019 Edition

Inaugural African Philanthropy Conference, Johannesburg

The first edition was hosted in 2019 at Wits Business School in Johannesburg, South Africa, under the theme “The State of Philanthropy in Africa: Setting the Agenda”. This edition laid the foundation, establishing a space for diverse stakeholders to converge and discuss the nuances of African philanthropy. The keynote address was delivered by Frank Kilbourn as Executive Chairperson: Strauss & Co, with opening remarks given by Tsitsi Masiyiwa of HigherLife Foundation and Prof. Emmanuel Akyeampong of Harvard University’s Center for African Studies and other partners

The proceedings of this edition were structured into eight panel discussions, as follows:

Panel 1: The Landscape of African Philanthropy

Panel 2: The Need for Philanthropy

Panel 3: Religion and Community Philanthropy

Panel 4: The Diaspora and African Philanthropy

Panel 5: Philanthropy and Academia

Panel 6: New Opportunities to Give

Panel 7: African Presidential Foundations

Panel 8: Legal and Policy Frameworks for Philanthropic Giving

In addition to these, a reception on Community Philanthropy with two local community foundations offered a memorable exchange of information and discussions on how to transform ideas into actions for the support of community foundations.

The proceedings report offers a blow-by-blow review of the inaugural convening. Click to access this.