Call for Exhibitors: African Philanthropy Conference
July 5, 2024

Selection Criteria for Conference Exhibitions at the 5th African Philanthropy Conference

The 5th African Philanthropy Conference will explore how recent developments in the next frontiers of and emerging trends are poised to influence and be influenced by philanthropy.

We invite organisations and local traders whose work, programmes and products reflect the vibrancy of philanthropy and social investment in African and interact with a diverse network of delegates who will be present at the 5th African Philanthropy Conference.

The exhibition will take place on Wednesday 31st July and Thursday 1 August 2024. Exhibitors will be provided with a trestle table, black tablecloth, 2 chairs and access to plug points. Any technical related extras such as screens can be arranged with the hotel at the exhibitor’s own cost.

Key details:

Submission deadline: Tuesday, July 16 2024

Notification of acceptance: Friday, July 19 2024


Exhibition categories:

  1. Philanthropy and African Development: Showcasing interesting areas of practice or research that contribute to the APC conference, whether at the community level or within the philanthropy and international development sector more broadly.
  2. Local Philanthropy: Showcasing local initiatives and enabling participants to understand the local culture. Victoria Falls, Livingstone, and surrounding areas.
  3. Philanthropic Institutions: Highlighting the services, reports and work of organisations within the philanthropy and African development sector.


  • Exhibitors must align with the conference theme, “Next Frontiers of African Philanthropy,” focusing on how recent developments in Artificial Intelligence, Climate Change, Big Data, and other emerging fields are poised to influence and be influenced by philanthropy.
  • Exhibitors should showcase innovative approaches, solutions, or technologies that advance the field of philanthropy, offering forward-thinking ideas and practices.
  • Exhibitors should demonstrate significant contributions to the field of philanthropy, particularly within African contexts, highlighting tangible impacts on communities and philanthropic practices.
  • They must include interactive elements that engage attendees and encourage participation, employing effective communication strategies and engaging presentations to connect with diverse audiences.
  • Exhibitors are encouraged to use sustainable materials and practices, with preference given to those demonstrating a commitment to environmental responsibility.
  • Exhibitors should represent diverse perspectives and inclusive practices, promoting gender equity, racial diversity, and inclusion.
  • Exhibitors must demonstrate readiness to comply with all logistical and safety requirements set by the conference organisers and venue, meeting deadlines and adhering to guidelines.

Evaluation Process:

  1. Prospective exhibitors must submit an application outlining their proposed exhibit, including objectives, content, setup requirements, and engagement strategies, along with visuals or mock-ups of the exhibit.
  2. Applications will be reviewed by an internal selection committee based on the outlined criteria and scored on a scale, with higher scores reflecting stronger alignment with the criteria.
  3. Based on the scores, a shortlist of potential exhibitors will be created. Shortlisted applicants may be asked to provide additional information or clarify aspects of their proposals.
  4. The final selection will be made by the committee, ensuring a diverse and impactful range of exhibitors. Selected exhibitors will be notified and provided with detailed guidelines and timelines for participation.

Fee Structure:

Local exhibitors, making up 30% of the total, will be granted a registration waiver, while the remaining 70% of exhibitors will be required to pay a standard exhibition fee of $100 for non-delegates, and $50 for delegates.

Payment for exhibition fees must be made in full before the event. Failure to make payment by the specified deadline may result in the forfeiture of the exhibition space.

Additional Considerations:

  • The number of exhibitors will be limited by the available space, with the selection committee ensuring a balanced representation of different themes and types of exhibitors.
  • The conference organisers will offer support to selected exhibitors, including logistical assistance and promotional opportunities, and exhibitors will receive guidelines on setup, dismantling, and compliance with venue policies.
  • Exhibition placement will be determined based on the nature of their exhibits and their relevance to the conference themes.