Remarks on the situation in Senegal and attending the Conference
July 31, 2023

from Ebrima Sall, Executive Director of TrustAfrica

Monday 31 July 2023


As you may have been following in the news, there have been demonstrations in parts of Dakar following the arrest and detention of the leader of the national opposition party, Ousmane Sonko. The situation has been tense however the demonstrations have not been as widespread as in the past.


As TrustAfrica welcomes attendees in what is emerging as a troubling time, we remain vigilant of the situation and want to assure registrants that their safety and well-being remain our priority. The main conference will be hosted at the seaside city of Saly which is 80 kilometres from Dakar, and a safe part of the country. We will continue to monitor the situation and provide regular updates.


As with precaution for any travel, we advise you to follow basic precautions, including avoiding going too far out into the city. The TrustAfrica team are on alert to assist in any difficulties. Feel free to contact our Communications OfficerAbda Wone at You may also email


This morning, we started the Academic Conference at the Museum of Black Civilizations in Dakar which has been successful with positive feedback from all in attendance. To provide context, we were less than 400 meters from Le Concours Général (Academic Excellence Award), a major national event that attracts a large turnout of high school children along with their teachers and parents. Also in attendance was the President who is the Chief Patron of these awards. The area where we are was safe and no incidents occurred. Our hotel of preference is located in one of the most secure areas in the city, so much so that it is the preferred hotel by Le Concours Général laureates.


We look forward to seeing you all in Dakar and Saly and wish safe journeys to those travelling.


Ebrima Sall

Executive Director of TrustAfrica