Makoma Lekalaka

Makoma Lekalaka is a long-time advocate for energy, ecological and climate justice. She is a social movements activist whose background is rooted in the liberation movement and campaigning for a just and fair society.

Abeba Birhane

Abeba Birhane is a respected cognitive scientist whose presentation will explore how social investment and philanthropy can tap into the opportunities that technology and Artificial intelligence increasingly offer.

Naila Farouky

Naila Farouky is a powerful champion for social justice and equity. Her address will stir critical conversations on how philanthropy can create a more inclusive and just Africa.

Brian Kagoro

Brian Kagoro is a seasoned development leader and thought provoker, whose address will be invaluable as we explore innovative strategies and partnerships that can reshape the future of African giving.

Tade Aina

Tade Aina is a thought leader, researcher and writer whose unique perspectives will illuminate how strategic philanthropy can address critical challenges and empower African communities to thrive.

Maurice Radebe

Maurice Radebe is a respected leader in the field of African energy and higher education. He is a published author and business leader whose address promises to ignite thought-provoking discussions.